Truck Accident Attorney in OKC

Don’t Underestimate Trucks

oklahoma city truck accident attorneyThe size and weight of commercial vehicles such as semis and tractor trailers can make them hard to steer. They don’t move as smoothly or stop as quickly as cars. These factors contribute to truck accidents.

Whether or not a truck accident involves other cars, it can be disastrous. It may cause serious injuries and disabilities. Aside from the physical consequences, there are financial burdens. Between medical bills and repairs, you could spend thousands of dollars.

If you’ve been in an accident with a box truck, utility truck, dump truck, flat-bed truck, bus, or other commercial vehicle, you could be due compensation. The truck accident attorneys at Wirth Law Office – Oklahoma City can help you get the money you deserve.

Truck Accident Causes

truck accident attorney oklahoma cityTruck accidents happen for many of the same reasons as other auto accidents. A common cause is distracted driving. Truck drivers face a lot of pressure to drive faster, carry more weight, and work longer hours. These things increase the likelihood of drowsiness, speeding, and lack of control causing an accident.

Trucks have a lot of moving pieces, which puts drivers at an increased risk for accidents caused by mechanical failure. There are also unforeseen difficulties with cargo. Trucks are also vulnerable to damage from other vehicles.

No matter what causes an accident, Oklahoma City truck accident attorneys are ready to help you settle the matter quickly and efficiently.

Truck Accident Costs

When it comes to truck accidents, the costs may not all be covered by insurance. Multiple liable parties means multiple defendants could be involved. These could include the driver, the trucking company, the employer, or the contractor.

The defendants are going to have liability insurance. While insurance may agree to pay a settlement before you go to trial, they may not be offering as much as you deserve.

Oklahoma City truck accident attorneys from Wirth Law Office know how to figure out what caused an accident and who should be responsible for paying. They can determine which defendant(s) owe(s) compensation to the victim and how much they owe.

Settling a Truck Accident

truck accident oklahoma city attorneyThe prosecutor can use proof from maintenance logs, drivers’ logs, financial records, and company training documents to prove three necessary things. They must prove that the defendant(s) had a duty to exercise a reasonable degree of care, failed to exercise it, and, therefore, caused injury and loss to the plaintiff.

The truck accident attorneys at Wirth Law Office – Oklahoma City can subpoena and call expert witnesses. They can also halt collection from creditors until after the case. Once the case is over, anyone who is due compensation will receive their money.

There are many factors to consider following a truck accident. Oklahoma City’s personal injury attorneys will be sure to include lost wages, lost opportunities, property damage, temporary transportation, injuries, and disabilities when determining how much you are owed. They will fight for you to get every last dime you deserve.

Free Consultation with an Oklahoma City Truck Accident Attorney

If you’re the victim of a truck accident, you need representation right away. Don’t let the insurance company trick you into settling for less than you deserve. The skilled truck accident attorneys at Wirth Law Office – Oklahoma City can work with you through the entire process to ensure you have the best chance of getting the money you are owed. For a free consultation, call (405) 888-5400 or fill out the form at the top of the page.

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