Probation Violations in Oklahoma City

Probation Violation Lawyer in Oklahoma City

Oklahomans convicted of offenses punishable by jail time, or resolving a criminal charge through a plea agreement, often will be required to have a period of probation that can last from a few months to several years. This happens instead of a jail sentence or for a period of time while a judge agrees to defer judgment on a criminal offense.

If the defendant stays out of trouble and meets the probation requirements that defendant may be on the way to resolving the criminal charge and even possibly expungement of the criminal record in the future.

Probation is a critical time for defendants to try to avoid run-ins with law enforcement. However, sometimes things go wrong. Even an otherwise minor issue like a brief drug relapse or money troubles that prevent the payment of fines can result in old charges coming back to haunt you.

You needed a lawyer for your criminal charge when prison time was not a certainty. You need a lawyer now if you are facing prison or other certain penalties now for a probation violation.

Lawyer for Deferred Judgment Acceleration

Acceleration of deferred judgment can be the mechanism for the government to force a defendant to face further consequences after failing to precisely meet the requirements of a deferred judgement that may have resulted in probation or other conditions to avoid harsher penalties. If something has happened that lands you back in the crosshair of the court facing prison time may not be a certainty and there is still a chance you can get better terms if you handle things right.

In some cases your probation violation can even be an opportunity for your original offense to be reclassified to a misdemeanor so that you can avoid a harsh judgement on a felony offense. For example, certain minor drug offenses and property crimes have been retroactively reclassified from felonies to misdemeanors in recent years. Individuals who are facing acceleration of a deferred judgment for a prior conviction for these offenses may be eligible for resentencing. Call a post-conviction lawyer at Wirth Law Office in Oklahoma City today to find out if these new laws can benefit you: (405) 888-5400.

Lawyer for Suspended Sentence Revocation

Revocation of a suspended sentence is another way a defendant can end up behind bars when on probation. Under this situation too there is still some opportunity to get a better outcome if it is handled correctly. If a suspended sentence involved a conviction for a crime that has been reclassified to misdeanor status, as with certain drug and property crimes, the defendant may benefit from resentencing that can help them avoid jail time. A probation violation attorney at Wirth Law Office in Oklahoma City may be able to help.

Free Consultation: Find Out If a Lawyer Can Help

Your initial consultation with Wirth Law Office in Oklahoma City is free. Call today to find out if a probation attorney can help you get a better outcome if you are facing revocation of a suspended sentence, acceleration of a deferred judgment or any other kind of probation issue at (405) 888-5400.

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