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When Life Changes

child support attorney oklahoma cityAt some point, you entered into a child support agreement. Maybe it was following a divorce or when you established paternity.

Since then, you’ve gone through some changes in your life. You believe these changes make it difficult or even impossible for you to keep up with the demands of the current child support agreement.

This happens to plenty of people. That’s why Oklahoma law allows you to make modifications to your child support agreement when certain life changes merit it.

When can I make a modification?

oklahoma city child support attorney

Whenever you face a change in circumstances that inhibits your ability to make child support payments according to the current agreement, you can file a motion for a modification. Changes in income or financial situation are the most common and successful reasons to file.

Court-ordered custody changes, permanent medical disability of a parent, changes in the cost of day care or medical services, or the child no longer being entitled to child support could all serve as reasons to file for a modification.

Sometimes a change in the law allows for a modification. However, a law change must be accompanied by a change in circumstances. Oklahoma child support laws changed substantially in 2009. In fact, there are nine things you should know about that, which you can read here.

When it comes to getting a modification, you must prove to the court that it’s in the best interest of the child. There are four things that the court allows a modification for.

  1. The existing order doesn’t contain an order for medical support
  2. The existing order wasn’t calculated according to the Oklahoma Child Support Guidelines
  3. There are substantial changes in the child’s or parent’s circumstances
  4. There will be a 20% change in the calculated amount of child support to be paid

An Oklahoma City child support attorney can help you come up with a reasonable and defendable motion to modify your child support agreement.

Do I need an attorney?

child support oklahoma city attorneyWhile you have the option of representing yourself, an attorney can make the process simpler and smoother. If you represent yourself, you can’t address other matters such as paternity, visitation, or custody. A child support attorney can help you bring any of those up along with the modification.

State agencies don’t have your best interests in mind. An Oklahoma City attorney can give you the individual attention you deserve.

When you file a motion for a modification, it’s not as simple as filling out paperwork. You need to be persuasive. A child support attorney from Wirth Law Office can help you draft paperwork and create an ironclad defense for your motion.

The other parent of your child may rebut your motion for a modification. You need to be prepared for this. Child support attorneys in Oklahoma City are familiar with these types of proceedings. They know how to respond to rebuttals.

Free Consultation with an Oklahoma City Child Support Attorney

If you’re considering filing for a child support modification, consult with the skilled child support attorneys at Wirth Law Office – Oklahoma City. They can help you determine if you need a modification and if you have a good case for one. For a free consultation, call (405) 888-5400 or fill out the form at the top of the page.

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