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oklahoma city guardianship attorneyIf someone you love is about to get a court-appointed guardian, it’s important that you understand what that means and how it works.

The purpose of a guardian is to care for a person who doesn’t have the ability to care for themselves. A guardian makes decisions for the person and provides food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and other essentials.

It can be a hard decision to have someone you love placed under guardianship, especially when their guardian is someone they don’t know. In that case, they could be separated from their loved ones. 

Who the court chooses to be someone’s guardian can affect not only that person’s life but also the lives of those closest to them. A family law attorney from Wirth Law Office – Oklahoma City can help you get the best guardian for your loved one. 

Their Guardian Angel

guardianship attorney oklahoma cityAs people get older, their minds and bodies slow down. They lose their ability to take care of themselves. That’s when they need a guardian. A guardian serves to meet the needs of the person they care for on a day-to-day basis.

The person whom a guardian is appointed to care for is known as a ward. While most wards are of advanced age, minor children sometimes need guardians, too.

When that happens, the guardian may be responsible for using their own money and resources to care for the child. However, compared to an adoption, guardianship of a minor isn’t as permanent and doesn’t require estate planning.

When a guardian is caring for an adult, they usually don’t have to use their own money. They can use the ward’s assets and request aid from private charities, public agencies, and other resources.

In case a guardian doesn’t want to handle their ward’s finances, they may request that the court appoint a conservator. Guardians are required to file annual reports with the court explaining the ward’s circumstances.

The Oklahoma City attorneys at Wirth Law Office understand the importance of having the right guardian appointed by the court. They can help you make sure that your loved one is in good hands.

All Shapes and Sizes

oklahoma city attorney guardianshipGuardians can be as diverse as the wards they care for. Their gender, age, and race vary.

The court looks for the best choice for a guardian based on the ward’s needs and preferences. They need to find someone who is willing and available to be a guardian for that ward. The ward may have even nominated someone to be their guardian before they became incapacitated. 

Other potential guardians include the ward’s spouse, adult child, or parent. It could also be a relative they lived with prior to the guardianship petition, someone their current caregiver nominated, or a qualified care professional. They could even have multiple guardians who share responsibility. 

Guardianship proceedings are not always simple. When not all parties agree, it can be a trying experience. An Oklahoma City guardianship attorney can help ensure that things go smoothly, and that the process is as painless as possible.

An incapacitated person has the right to representation in guardianship proceedings. They may hire an attorney with money from their estate. A person petitioning the court for guardianship can also benefit from the help of an attorney.

Free Consultation with an Oklahoma City Guardianship Attorney

Whether you need a guardian or want to be a guardian, the attorneys at Wirth Law Office – Oklahoma City can help you get the best possible result in your circumstances. They have the knowledge and experience to offer you the representation you need and deserve. For a free consultation, call (405) 888-5400 or fill out the form at the top of the page.

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